It sounds strange but during the last weeks the words “how are you” or “I am well” have gained a new significance and became our daily priority.

Tourism industry is facing a unique challenge and we are in the awkward situation having to endure the inaction, waiting until the crisis is over and at the same time be 100% ready for the next day.

Hotels` operation in Greece and Cyprus is suspended by Government Act and will remain officially closed until April 30th with this date expected to be postponed most probably by Goverments. Greece & Cyprus find themselves in a relative less worse position, facing minimized consequences and casualties so far in compare to other European countries. According to the Government the restriction measures will be evaluated and most probably start to be loosen after the first week of May, which gives a perspective that in case situation is being similar in the rest of Europe, sometime late during the summer could be a realistic timeframe to start considering travelling options.

All these are scenarios that could be improved or worsened any moment, since developments are unexpected. None of us has ever experienced such a crisis, there is no history or reference, so no specific acting or planning protocols.

In Danaos Travel we are staying calm, healthy and ready, showing the maturity gained through ups and downs of the tourism sector throughout the years. Utilizing the State supportive measures, we have not proceeded to any personnel reduction we are all working from home, following the Ministry of Health directives, staying however fully operational with remote access technology. We are in constant contact with hotels and all other suppliers, following up the situation and monitoring their concerns and planning. We are up-dating our reservation systems with all the operational and commercial developments.

The fact that there is still not a massive cancellation wave and there are even bookings coming for future dates from different markets, is a positive sign that people will be ready to travel after situation returns to normal. We are not sure however when this will be and the world will definitely not be the same, with the majority of households having suffered serious financial casualties. We cannot be sure which sentiment will be stronger, the one being desperate to travel, after all the quarantine, or the one of insecurity for the eventual recession. We have to be ready for all scenarios and adapt ourselves to the transition to normal life for as long as it takes.

We have three targets: stay healthy, stay active and be ready for the next day. The sun will always be shinning and people will always want to travel.

We wish our guests, collaborators and friends three things : health, heath and health for you and your beloved ones.

Remember the wise words of the Cretan writer Nikos Kazantzakis: “You have your brush, you have your colours, you paint the paradise, then in you go”.

Let’s paint our paradise in our dreams, until the storm is over and let’s hope we’ll come out of this challenge stronger and wiser.

Danaos Team

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