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Lasithi: A combination of beauty and tradition


On the east side of Crete, Lasithi prefecture combines natural beauty with warmness, tradition and culture. The place is well-known for its significant historical monuments and archaeological sites. There is an extensive list of beauties and attractions that Lasithi offers its visitors: The outstanding villages that maintain their traditional features and lifestyle, the imposing mountain ranges, the impressive gorges, the stunning beaches. The natural beauty is truly amazing. But what is really unique in Lasithi is Vai Beach, the only Palm Tree Forest located in Europe, that thousands of people visit every year.
The capital of the prefecture is Agios Nikolaos while other major cities are Ierapetra, Sitia and Neapoli. Dikti is the biggest mountain in the west and Thrypti in the east. On the foot of Mount Dikti lies the Lasithi Plateau, famous for its windmills.
The island of Spinalonga, east of the famous village of Elounda was used as a fortress in the Venice period and is a unique place to visit. Visiting the inland of Lasithi is a fascinating experience that you shouldn’t miss: A wide range of cultural activities, where tradition blends with everyday life will make your trip a truly memorable one.​​

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