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Corfu Keeps ‘Botides’ Tradition Alive Despite Coronavirus Lockdown

The Greek island of Corfu kept the Holy Saturday tradition of ”Botides” alive in 2020, despite the lockdown imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The event place took place in the picturesque Spianada Square on Saturday, however, without any crowds attending the event.

Just a few individuals, as well as photographers and reporters, gathered there to record the tradition.

The tradition is that every Holy Saturday at 12 o’clock in the afternoon Corfiots who have decorated their windows with red flowers and badges, throw huge clay pots filled with red ribbons from their windows.

The symbolism is to create an “earthquake” that is like the one that occurred following the resurrection of Jesus Christ from his tomb.

The botides crash on the road with a loud bang.

The loud sound, as well as the water and laurel, are supposed to scare “evil” away, something much desired by everyone during this unprecedented crisis.


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