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Tripadvisor: Τwo Greek beaches among the World’s top-25

Greek beaches continue to amaze people from all over the world with their beauty, and the famous American travel website Tripadvisor has included two of them on their list of the World’s Top 25 Beaches for this year, according to

Their natural beauty and crystal clear waters make many Greek beaches irresistible, and it is no surprise that two of them are included on the list, with two more included on the European Top-25 list as well.

Balos Beach

The Balos and Elafonisi beaches on Crete made it to the world’s Top 25 for 2019, with Kleftiko in Melos and Simos Beach in Elafonissos included on the Top 25 list of European beaches.

Elafonisi Beach

The famous beach of Balos, located northwest of the port of Chania, is one of Crete’s and Greece’s most famous summer destinations. Its peculiar shape creates a unique landscape that amazes tourists every year, and its pristine turquoise waters appear to be something from another world.

Elafonisi is an island situated close to the southwestern corner of Crete, of which it is administratively a part. When the weather is favorable, without high stormwaters, it is possible to walk to the island from Crete. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for those who are lucky enough to walk to an island!

The Cove of Kleftiko

The famous cove of Kleftiko is an old pirates’ hideout on the southwestern corner of the island of Melos in the Cyclades Island chain. The pure white rocks, ancient caves and arches, and the turquoise sea waters surrounding them make a stunning and unforgettable visual experience. This is understandably one of Greece’s most photographed locations.

Simos Beach

Elafonisos (not to be confused with Crete’s Elafonisi) is a small island between the Peloponnese Peninsula and the island of Kythira. It lies off the coast of Cape Malea in the Peloponnese and Vatika. Simos Beach is one of the most beautiful on the island, offering tranquil waters and sun-washed crescent beaches with pinkish sand.

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