Danaos Travel is set up by professionals in the travel and hospitality industry with long experience and deep knowledge of the destinations.
Every year it serves more than 200,000 passengers from different European and International markets having incoming tourist services as its core business.

Through continuous investments in new travel products, travel related technology, quality assurance and geographical evolution, Danaos has positioned itself today as one of the leading DMC’s in Greece and Cyprus, capable of meeting any client`s or professional`s requirement.

Danaos is one of the few organizations that can offer a full spectrum of incoming tourism services with flexible and efficient solutions, as a one stop supplier all over Greece and Cyprus. The services we provide are of a high standards, saving time, costs and resources for our clients, whereas at the same time they enable them to compete effectively in their own source markets.

The vision for valued and competitive services, development through long term partnerships and investment in technology and infrastructures, as well as the commitment to quality without compromises, remains the main guideline and always leads the company`s steps.

We invite you to share our vision and benefit from our expertise, professionalism, flexibility, personalized approach, strong purchasing power and comprehensive product portfolio.


Efficiency, competitive services, development through long term partnerships and investment in technology, as well as the commitment to quality without compromises, always leads the company`s steps

We are is a one-stop-shop providing a full spectrum of tourism services to both professionals and individuals. Our deep knowledge of the market, destinations and products and well structured establishment lead to the proper product selection and distribution. Strong purchasing power due to wholesalers benefits leads to competitive advantages in favor of the customer. Consistent, ethical and quality performance with our customers, vendors, employees and community results in loyal, long-term relationships.

We believe our service level should exceed industry standards and be the best value for the customer. The valuable experience gained throughout the years, the flexibility resulting from the full-hands-on management and the awareness of the constant market evolution of the market makes us proactive and ready to meet all future challenges.

True expert knowledge

We believe in an in-depth understanding of the destinations and products offered and distributed to our clients. Through our extended network of own operational and affiliated offices, carefully selected suppliers and highly skilled staff we are capable of suggesting the proper products in all areas of our operations to satisfy your needs. Keep ourselves up-to-date with the evolving market, new trends and products, we are constantly up-dating our portfolio, so that no opportunity is missed. Proper product however is the quality product at the right price, so we are very carefully monitoring the quality performance and ranking of all services provided by Danaos and its partners, paying special attention to customers` comments, combined with frequent market price comparisons ensuring competitiveness.

Total support

Our goal is to create a seamless holiday experience for all our partners and travelers. No need to worry about logistics, timings and arrangements coordination when travelling. This is all our responsibility and we  ensure that care is taken to match every aspect and detail for travelling itinerary from the beginning to the end. Our customer service network is present in every corner where our customers are travelling ready to provide all the support required and answering all questions that can make the trip more joyful. A 24/7 available team of expert is ready to resolve all emergencies, implement all changes requested by the traveler, or provide any information or clarification required before or during the trip.

Blank paper bespoke

Every service or arrangement with Danaos Travel is unique and begins with a blank piece of paper. Using the extended spectrum of quality products and services available in our portfolio, we are ready to prepare the appropriate offer for you, tailor made to your special needs and budget. From individual packages and itineraries to special group programs or full charter operations preparations we are ready to welcome your involvement in the planning, give you our suggestions and conclude the proper program for you. We believe that equal important to the destination and product understanding, is the understanding of the travelers needs, as in the end travelling is all about YOU and it`s the travelers’ needs and expectations that have to be fully satisfied. Teamwork is a basic principle of the Danaos Travel approach so often you will see multiple members of our team working on creating your package, based on their expertise. The result is always impressing and legacy for future co – operations and repeating clients.

Safety first

Safety comes first when a guest travels with Danaos Travel. Danaos is carefully selecting its suppliers and services ensuring that they are keeping high safety standards and top insurance levels. We will never suggest a product or an experience where a guest would be at unnecessary risk or have even the minimum chance of feeling uncomfortable. Our experienced team knoww the challenges of dealing with problems on the destinations and knows where to respect a warning sign and take action. This idea is just as applicable to planning a trip as it is to deliver the experience while the traveler is on the way.

Furthermore during 2020 the tourism industry has actively proven that in spite of the difficulties, caused by Covid-19 pandemic it can allow travelers to discover new places, or return to their beloved destinations.

Moving from place to place by air, sea or bus and staying in hotels under the right conditions has proven to be less risky than staying at home in a congested daily life.

In close co – operation with local Authorities and H&S experts Danaos has implemented high standards` health and safety protocols to safeguard guests, employees, partners and suppliers. Our response is up-to-date with the latest advice from international health organizations and regional governments and will be continually updated and improved as new information comes to light and best practices are refined and shared across the industry. From root to branch, Danaos Travel operations, products and services, training and company structure is smoothly adapted to meet these new challenges. The company has established a dedicated COVID-19 Health & Safety Team, responsible for risk assessment; hygiene, screening and sanitizing procedures; PPE standards; emergency procedures, containment and reporting in the event of new cases; and training for all staff to make sure the new company policy is enforced effectively. A COVID-19 team leader is designated to each business unit within Danaos Travel, tasked with taking responsibility for the implementation of company policy within their respective jurisdictional areas. To keep clients, agents and partners informed about these on-going changes, Danaos Travel new COVID-19 Health & Safety policy contains detailed information on the following policies and practices: COVID-19 operational safety protocols; hygiene guidelines; screening measures for clients and staff; examples of hotel protocols implemented in each of our destinations; new products and services, tailored to the requirements of the new normal; MICE travel; and safety measures put in place to safeguard the Danaos Travel fleet of vehicles and transportation services.

Professionals and travelers turn to Danaos Travel mainly for three reasons:

                          EXPERTISE – TRUST – PRECISION

We combine stability and safety with innovation and invite you discover new things in a secure way.

Knowledge and proper professional preparation minimizes problems` risk

Skilled personnel, well structured establishment, experience and customer satisfaction orientation ensure immediate reaction for problem resolving without compromises

We can show you the way to discover the right product at the right price to satisfy your expectations

Each traveler is unique, and every trip follows a different path, therefore trip budgets should be satisfying but also proper service quality must follow.