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Covid 19 update

Covid 19 Safety Protocols: Navigating the New Normality

During 2020 the tourism industry has actively proven that in spite of the difficulties it can stay alive and travelers still wish to discover new places, or return to their beloved destinations in spite of all the early concerns. Travelling is confirmed to be a right and a need. Moving from place to place by air, sea or bus and staying in hotels under the right conditions has proven to be less risky than staying at home in a congested daily life.

After a short, but operationally successful 2020 summer season, the dialogue surrounding COVID-19 has shifted from containment to recovery and Greek tourism sector is already making plans for returning to the new normality. The vaccination that has already started is providing the additional safety we were all expecting, so we all wait till the moment comes that we our smile will be visible and the mask kept in the pocket. The justified optimism however cannot allow us to loosen our attention and health and safety safeguarding. Better safe than sorry…

In 2020 Danaos Travel has served more than 60,000 passengers from various source markets, achieving an absolutely successful result, combining guests satisfaction with the respect of all the necessary safety measures.

In close co – operation with local Authorities and H&S experts we have implemented high standards health and safety protocols to safeguard guests, employees, partners and suppliers. Our response is up-to-date with the latest advice from international health organizations and regional governments and will be continually updated and improved as new information comes to light and best practices are refined and shared across the industry.

From root to branch, Danaos Travel operations, products and services, training and company structure is smoothly adapted to meet these new challenges. The company has established a dedicated COVID-19 Health & Safety Team, responsible for risk assessment; hygiene, screening and sanitizing procedures; PPE standards; emergency procedures, containment and reporting in the event of new cases; and training for all staff to make sure the new company policy is enforced effectively.

A COVID-19 team leader is designated to each business unit within Danaos Travel, tasked with taking responsibility for the implementation of company policy within their respective jurisdictional areas. This network of leaders – known collectively as the COVID-19 Committee – is responsible for the implementation of COVID-19 protocols. This committee is chaired by the Danaos Travel CEO and members of upper management.

To keep clients, agents and partners informed about these on-going changes, Danaos Travel new COVID-19 Health & Safety policy contains detailed information on the following policies and practices: COVID-19 operational safety protocols; hygiene guidelines; screening measures for clients and staff; examples of hotel protocols implemented in each of our destinations; new products and services, tailored to the requirements of the new normal; MICE travel; and safety measures put in place to safeguard the Danaos Travel fleet of vehicles and transportation services.

2020 started with the slogan “Stay Home”, continued to the slogan “Stay Safe” but as tourism is a direct reflection of the human nature, in 2021 we aim to have as our slogan “TRAVEL SAFE AND FEEL GOOD”…

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