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Corporate social responsibility is a constant challenge for our business. New social and environmental needs are constantly emerging, which we are more than proud to taking them into account. Our commitment to environmental and social sustainability is an integral part of our daily activities.

Human Resources

Aiming to providing the best for our clients, we ensure that our personnel is properly qualified and satisfied in their working environment. Since technology is constantly evolving, we ensure that we stay up-to-date with the new developments. Investing in constant improvement we frequently organize seminars and internal specialization courses for our personnel. Moreover, the working environment is fully compatible with the National health and safety regulations and frequently monitored by security technicians specialized in this field. Last but not least we try to treat all members of the team equally, with full respect, keeping a high morale. Hard work and positive results are rewarded and potential for intra- company growth and development are always visible and available.


Unfortunately, the environment is inevitably affected by tourism. The least we can therefore do is to endeavor serious efforts to minimize our environmental footprint by recycling and reducing waste, reusing materials whenever possible. Additionally, we are improving the efficiency of resources & infrastructure in all our company’s departments (e.g., electronic process of all the company’s administration and correspondence). Also, raising awareness to the incoming tourist to respect a foreign culture and be careful with their wastes, is a very important step since in the end of the day what ultimately matters is the actions of the individual traveler.

Vulnerable Social Groups

As part of our social responsibility, we are continually looking for ways to actively support the local community. We are collaborating closely with local NGOs and Church Institutions, participating in fundraising activities and support numerous local projects, especially now more than ever due to the challenging side effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

We obviously require from our suppliers to show the same commitment to the environment and social welfare.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

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