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Four stunning “Saracen” pirate beaches in Greece

The term “Saracen” was used by the low Middle Age Greeks/Romans, to describe the Arabs, a term widely adopted by Christian writers across the whole of later, reports.During the 6th and 7th centuries, Greece, as part of the eastern Roman Empire (later dubbed Byzantium by German historians) was one of the main targets of these pirates in the Aegean Sea.They gradually expanded their attacks to Sicily island, southern Italy, North Africa and Sardinia plundering and taking many female and male slaves from these Roman Empire provinces.They were the scourge of the seas, setting up strongholds in many small coves and protected bays along the shores of the Hellenic peninsula. This is how these five of Greece’s most exotic beaches got their names (Sarakino – Saracen).The beaches offer truly rare beauty, are scattered across various parts of Greece, from Milos to Parga and Elafonissos.


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