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Greece invites international travellers to explore its not-so-famous cities and islands

After the success that Greece has reaped this year in the tourism sector, with the figure of the number of visitors exceeding those of 2019, Greek tourism officials say that there are growing concerns about over-tourism focused in particular parts of the country, reports.

Greece has long been recognized as one of the destinations that are committed to promoting sustainable tourism and addressing the environmental impact of modern travel.

According to EuroNews.Travel, during recent years, the Greek Island in the southern Aegean Sea has become a popular tourist destination and a must-see for travelers.

Greek tourism officials also said there is much more to discover in Greece, including Santorini and beyond, and if travellers visit other sites, crowds will be avoided, and the tourism experience in the country will be more enjoyable.

“We are not only discussing preserving natural resources or protecting the environment. For us, sustainability is also something else,” Dimitris Fragakis, Secretary-General of the Greek National Tourism Organisation (GNTO), noted in this regard.

He also stressed that Greece claims to avoid over-tourism by expanding the list of destinations worth visiting and encouraging people who want to visit Greece to explore it during the rest of the year too, and not only during summer.

Seven of the Greek islands that all tourists are suggested to visit are Naxos, Kythira, Ithaca, Ikaria, Karpathos, Samothrace, and Lichadonisia.

As for Naxos, travel lovers will be able to enjoy its fertile valleys and high mountains, in which they can combine a relaxed and adventurous vacation. Naxos is also an outstanding place for food lovers and offers various beaches.

At the same time, if vacationers have decided to find peace and quiet, Kythira is one of the most isolated islands in Greece, and tourism is relatively undeveloped there. Nevertheless, the Island is known for its wild nature and natural waterfalls that create an idyllic landscape.

In addition to these two islands, other islands mentioned above are recommended to be visited by all those travelers who want to spend a more relaxed summer and get away from the crowds as much as possible.

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