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Greece’s Attica Region Taking Action to Attract Int’l Travelers

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

The Region of Attica is taking action to promote the area as an attractive tourism destination offering a wide array of alternative travel options to international travelers.

“The promotion of Attica is an integral part of our strategy,” the region’s governor, George Patoulis, said during a teleconference recently held by the Foreign Affairs Office of the Chinese province of Sichuan.

“Through coordinated actions, we are trying to turn Attica into one of the most popular destinations in the world by highlighting both its entertainment options and alternative forms of tourism,” he added.

According to Patoulis, the region has already contributed to the promotion of health tourism in Attica through business partnerships, investments and networking events.

Attica networks with foreign regions

During the teleconference, Sichuan authorities discussed on the prospect of future collaborations with the area’s European twin-regions that include Attica, Castilla Mancha in Spain, the State of Bavaria in Germany, the Eastern Region of France, Brussels in Belgium, and the Regions of Liguria, Trentino and Piedmont in Italy.

The Attica Region strengthened ties with Sichuan in September 2020, when the two areas signed a memorandum of friendship and cooperation.

Attica’s governor participated in the teleconference as part of the celebrations for the 2021 Greece-China Year of Culture and Tourism.

“We share a common goal with our twin city Sichuan to use the privileges of our tourism products as tools of economic and business development that will bring progress and prosperity to our citizens, and promote – in the best possible way – our image on a global level,” Patoulis said.

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