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Greece to Showcase Western Macedonia as Tourist Destination

The Greek tourism ministry is focusing its actions on promoting Western Macedonia as a tourist destination, announced Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias during a recent visit to the region.

Kikilias visited the mountain town of Florina, where he met with Western Macedonia Deputy Regional Governor Sotiris Vosdos, the mayors of Florina and Prespes, and local tourism stakeholders and producers.

The minister also referred to the importance of the region’s participation in international tourism shows to promote Western Macedonia and its tourism offerings, including skiing, mountaineering, sports, wine, gastronomy and hiking tourism.

“Western Macedonia is the next big bet for Greek tourism. Its lakes, vineyards, nature activities, ski resorts, gastronomy, traditions can make it a year-round destination,” he said, adding that it was a ministry priority to showcase lesser-known Greek destinations.

Last week, Western Macedonia Regional Governor George Kasapidis presented the regional council with a new tourism promotion and development plan for the region for 2023 aimed at increasing tourist flows, awareness, and balanced tourist development.

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