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Media report: Greece opens for tourism on Friday - all you need to know

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

On Friday, Greece will be opening with safety to tourism, Minister to the Prime Minister's Office Akis Skertsos said on Thursday.

In addition, from June 1, the European green vaccination certificate will go into operation implementing a proposal put forward by Greece, to facilitate travel for those who have been vaccinated or have a negative test.

Moreover, targeted random testing of arrivals at the entrance gateways into Greece using the advanced EVA algorithm, based on the epidemiological burden of the country of origin of each visitor, will continue.

Regarding the green digital certificate, anyone wishing to travel to and from the islands (with the exception of Lefkada and Evia), either by boat or by air, must have a vaccination certificate when booking their ticket (14 days after the second dose), or else a negative 72-hour PCR test, 24-hour rapid test or 24-hour self-test. Airlines and shipping companies will be responsible for carrying out the checks. All domestic and foreign travelers over five years will be obliged to take the test.

In detail, the declaration of self-tests should be made on the platform while those who attend public and private facilities for PCR or rapid antigen test should request a digital certificate with the result of the test.

Greeks will no longer need permission from the government to leave their homes starting Friday, as government leaders relax restrictions ahead of the tourism season.

The permission forms were first introduced in late March to enforce limits on non-essential travel.

The measure will be phased out Friday along with a ban on domestic travel between Greece's administrative regions, while a nightly curfew will be shortened by another 90 minutes. Tourism services and museums will reopen.

Akis Skertsos said coronavirus infection levels have continued to decline in May despite the gradual lifting of restrictions.

He says a European Union system to check vaccination certificates and coronavirus tests was due to start next month, adding travelers would have to carry medical certificates in English until the system launches.

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