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Mystical Delphi and Why it is worth visiting

Delphi is considered the navel of the Earth according to ancient Greek mythology. Delphi was built in 4th century BC by Apollo at the site of his victory over a monstrous serpent.

Legend has it that the Greek deity, Zeus released two eagles into the air. One went towards the East and the other towards the West, the two birds arrived at Delphi at the same time after travelling around the globe. For this reason Zeus called it the Omphale of the world, symbolised by a stone Zeus threw to the ground.

In addition, to the mesmerizing nature, this ancient city has a mystical atmosphere. People from all over the Ancient world strove to Delphi to receive the advice of a mysterious oracle. The oracle was supposed to be a woman - Pythia, endowed by the god Apollo with the gift of providence.

So why has Delphi been considered a sacred place for so many years, and how did the oracle predict the future?

Inside the sanctuary, there was a place - Aditon, which remained inaccessible to visitors. The Oracle was going down to Adyton to drink from the spring, chew laurel and sit on a stool. Inhaling fumes from the crevice, she fell into a narcotic trance, starting to mutter different phrases, which were then deciphered by the priests.


"Ancient evidence is supported by geological finds. Chemical analysis of the spring waters under the sanctuary shows that there are accumulations of methane, ethane and ethylene." - written in a scientific paper by a group of chemists and geologists Henry Spiller , John Hale and Jel de Boyer.

Ethylene, according to scientists, causes severe hallucinations. Therefore, the vague divinations of the Pythia can be explained by its action.

Usually, the prophecies were drawn up taking into account all the information that the priests learned about from the pilgrims themselves and their special agents. If there was not enough knowledge, then the prophecies were drawn up so vaguely and cunningly that they could be interpreted in both directions.

Whether to believe in legend or scientific facts is up to you. But we advise you to visit Delphi, as this place is filled with mysticism and the beauties of nature.


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