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Significant increase in tourist arrivals in Greece in 2021

According to the minister, Vasilis Kikilias, the number of tourists in September amounted to 75% of the number of tourists in September 2019. He reported that the Hotel occupancy in September was over 65% across the country. This is specifically evident from the bookings and deals done in Crete and Rhodes.

According to him, during the time period between January and August 2021, roughly 8.6 million tourists arrived in Greece, compared to 4.8 million during the same time in 2020, indicating an increase of 79.2%.

In August 2021 alone, 4 million tourists visited Greece, which is 125.5% more than the same month last year. In September 2021, 2,352,788 tourists visited the country, which is 110% more than in September 2020.

Greece was announced as the top destination for Europe in 2021 (Europe’s Leading Destination 2021) at the international travel institution World Travel Awards.

The minister also said that Greece dealt with the coronavirus pandemic efficiently, making visitors feel safe.

“This international award for 2021, confirms that tourism in Greece shows an exceptional degree of quality and travel experience. Greece will have tourism also in November, the professionals in the field must prepare for a strong 2022 "

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