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2020: summer of challenges

Against all negative predictions and challenges, the summer season is in progress and Danaos is welcoming thousands of guests all over Greece. “Whatever cannot kill you makes you stronger…” and we believe that we all had to become stronger to move forward and leave the concerns and fears behind.

Through winter and spring season of 2020 we were all asking ourselves if tourism would still exist the day after and if people would be able to travel. There was no other way but to prepare ourselves and adjust our philosophy, business strategy and operations to the new reality.

The summer came; the summer of excess. We all had to make safe steps and give votes of confidence to each other : the tour – operators for organizing trips under these uncertain conditions, guests for selecting our destinations for their holiday, every supplier that adjusted to the health protocols and demanding operations and mainly the personnel, that devoted all their energy, expertise and efforts to serve our precious guests with a smile, in spite of the difficulties.

Danaos Travel spared no efforts and costs to create the proper infrastructure for a safe and efficient operation. In co – operation with the local authorities and experts high level protocols were implemented both in our direct services, as well as in all providers involved in our packages. The result was to achieve a high level of safe services creating to all our guests a combined feeling of safety, comfort, and pleasure.

In spite the fact that many of our source markets have been closed for almost the whole summer, Danaos has served more than 50,000 satisfied guests so far this summer without any complications or quality compromises. A live proof that wherever there is will, there is the way and there are results. Monitoring the situation on weekly or even daily basis together with our partners, tour – operators and suppliers, adjusting our product mix, offers and planning when necessary, we made it possible.

For 2021, having become wiser from this unique global challenge and following the market vibes we are expanding in product and destinations adjusting in this new market demands :

By setting up our own operational offices in Athens, Danaos is ready to offer to all its clients reliable solutions not only in the islands as before, but also in Athens City, Athens Riviera, wider Attica area Peloponese and the Greek mainland in general. A team of skilled and experienced personnel in co – operation with our central Commercial Department in Crete is ready to serve you, preparing tailor made packages for all clients` expectations.

Furthermore understanding the need of the market for more exclusive and private solutions, we are happy to announce the establishment of our special Villa Department, ready to offer private Villas and summer houses all over Greece & Cyprus (islands and mainland) as well as tailor made solutions for individual travelers, including special itineraries, island hopping programs, yachting and much more.

Combination of reliable set – up and experience obtained through serving millions of satisfied guests through the years, as well as the strict health and safety protocols, which our times demand is the way to support our new projects.

Always here for you, always ready to serve you!

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