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Explore Crete through Food Festival

No trip is complete without tasting the national cuisine of each country. What could be better than tasting many dishes in one place and in an unique atmosphere, completely immersed in the culture of Greece.

Greek cuisine (Mediterranean cuisine) is considered an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO due to its balance and diversity. Not surprisingly, the average life expectancy in Greece is 81,2 y.o. Scientific studies have shown the positive effects of a balanced Greek diet on human health, beauty and longevity.

The Cretan Diet Festival -

is organized by the Municipality of Rethymno, in Crete on 1-7 of July. It’s a celebration of Cretan cuisine, where visitors can learn cooking tips, discover and taste local products and attend live performances.

The festival is focused on promoting the winning Cretan products, and especially the local wine. Cretan food is characterized as the healthiest as it is based on fresh fruits, vegetables and legumes, as well as fresh fish and dairy products. The festival, held annually in July, offers a week full of flavors, colors and music, and presents high quality Cretan products. During the events, the following are held:

  • Exhibition of Cretan Foods

  • Food and wine seminars where guests can learn about production methods, characteristics, high quality standards and health benefits.

  • Special menus offered by restaurants and hotels using raw materials from local produce.

  • Lots of cultural events featuring renowned local artists and artists from all over Greece.

The best way to understand the culture of a country is through the stomach.

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